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Verification Of Competency

What is Verification of Competency (VOC)?

deborahIt is quite simply identifying if a person is competent at a particular task or skill.  VOC is conducted to determine if there are any gaps in competency that need to be addressed with further training.

Here’s a typical scenario to assist your understanding:  At what point in time does a parent allow their child to mow the lawn?  In the interests of safety, prevention of damage to both the lawn and equipment, and peace of mind, it will only be when the parent has verified that the child is competent to perform the task safely and in accordance with the parents’ requirements.  This is not unlike what should occur in the workplace.

We at Bluetron have developed a system for Verification of Competency (VOC) which we intend to take through to ISO Certification.For clarification, see the document A Guide to High Risk Work Licences, Duty of Care Training Cards and High Risk Construction Work Construction Work.

For plant where a licence is required, or where licences no longer exist, we have assessments which are aligned to the relevant licence assessment under the National Assessment Instruments or the old Certificate of Competency System for load shifting equipment. We are constantly building our range of assessment documents, we also have a document that is used by our assessors for an adhoc or out of the ordinary request, (e.g. VOC of a Cleaner using a floor polisher or a gardener using a line trimmer) there is a section on the form where the Assessor records details of this if required.

We accredit Assessors who are self-employed and provide sub-contract services to our network as required. The recommended fee is $250.00 per assessment and some offer day rates for large numbers or remote work. Bluetron charges a card processing fee of $55.00 per card issued. All of our assessors hold TAE40110 or are in the process of upgrading to TAE40116 Cert IV in Training and Assessment. They are or have been Accredited Assessors in their relevant jurisdiction, e.g. NSW WorkCover, WHSQ Queensland, WorkSafe ACT. They must hold the relevant qualification and have industry experience to conduct assessments and our assessments are conducted against National Assessment Instruments. Our VOC Cards are only issued to persons who have achieved a 100% pass mark in all aspects of their assessment.

Verification Of CompetencyOur VOC assessments are designed to assist Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) with their obligations to ensure provision of information, training and instruction. We conduct VOC to identify if a person has gaps in competency and where those gaps are identified, we direct them towards relevant training.

The Assessor arrives on site and meets with site representatives, including the Candidate to discuss the assessment process.  The Candidate completes the Assessment Instrument cover sheet and then undertakes the assessment, both Knowledge and Practical components are conducted.  The Assessor records the details of the assessment on either a Remedial Action Report or an Application for VOC Card:

Remedial Action Report

Issued to the Candidate if he or she is assessed as Not Yet Competent.  The Candidate will receive a Pink copy of the Remedial Action Report which will outline the agreed steps to take in order to rectify gaps in competency identified during the assessment. 



Verification of Competency Assessment Report

deborahIssued to the Candidate if he or she is assessed as Competent. The Candidate will receive a Blue copy of the form which will outline the assessment undertaken and act as an interim VOC Card whilst the card is being processed.

Original copies of the forms are forwarded along with the assessment to the Bluetron Office where it is scanned and kept on file.  If the Candidate is assessed as competent, the blue card is issued and forwarded to the Candidate. 



Lost, Damaged or Stolen VOC Cards

If you have to replace your VOC Card, simply complete the Application For Replacement Card and forward to our Head Office, along with the Card Processing Fee $35.00 GST inclusive and your replacement card will be issued promptly.

There are certain types of work that are classed as High Risk Work, and as such require licensing. The National Standard for Licensing Persons Performing High Risk Work requires that persons who hold a licence, must undergo additional training to remain competent. This is one of the reasons that VOC is conducted, to identify gaps in competency so that they can be rectified through training. The WHS Legislation requires that training is relevant – if gaps in competency are not identified – is the training relevant?

The only legal requirement for a person to hold a licence under Work Health and Safety Legislation is the requirement for High Risk Work Licensing. High Risk Work Licensing is conducted by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Bluetron is not a RTO, nor do we wish to be, as we have partnership arrangements with RTOs for the training and assessing of High Risk Work Licensing.

As such, all of our training and assessing including our human resources standards are aligned to the ASQA requirements for RTOs – we provide trainers and assessors with current industry experience to RTOs.  As a third party, we also conduct VOC of persons to ensure the training provided by RTOs is relevant.

We believe that our system is equal to, or better than what an RTO provides.  All of our VOC assessments consist of three parts:

Documentary Evidence – Challenge questions including copies of Licences/course reports/trade qualifications or Certificates, of employment eg, Log Book, letter from employer, or an email indicating the Candidates are and have been employed by the parent company as operators (this is for validation of experience).  If you do not have a Log Book, you can get one here  VOC – Operator Log Book

For site specific VOCs – Challenge questions relating to the conduct of the task on the particular work site in accordance with that work site’s rules or procedures.

Knowledge component (written test – pass mark is 100%) the knowledge component is made up of the critical aspects from the relevant OHS Certification National Assessment Instrument.

Practical Component (demonstrate performance – practical operations)

deborahIn many jurisdictions, there were no licences required for Dozer, Scraper, Roller operations and there were only licences for those in Queensland – our assessment instruments for these items of plant are based on those Queensland Assessment Instruments.


deborahCandidates will have to pass a knowledge exam 100% pass is required, they will have to present their old ticket as evidence of experience or they will have to produce other evidence such as sign off by employer, a statement listing types of equipment and duration of operational experience plus a practical demonstration (like they would have done to get the old ticket).

The following points are provided to give you a quick understanding of our system:

  • Our VOC System is a structured system, which we are in the process of further refining for 3rd party ISO:9001 Certification.
  • Our VOC System is designed to be able to offer VOC assessments for a wide range of tasks and skills.
  • We accredit Assessors to use our system based upon their qualifications and experience.
  • Most of our assessors are or were Accredited Assessors with their state or territory regulator.
  • Assessors MUST hold Certificate IV TAE 40110.
  • Assessors MUST hold at least 5 years operational experience using the equipment that they wish to assess.
  • Assessors MUST hold a qualification (such as a High Risk Work Licence or previous Certificate of Competency for Plant Assessments) relevant to the assessment they conduct.
  • The accreditation lasts for 1 year and attracts an application fee which ensures assessors are committed.
  • Accredited Assessors are able to conduct Verification of Competency (VOC) assessments for the classes that they are accredited for.
  • To maintain the integrity of our system assessors are audited at least once during their period of accreditation as well as upon application for renewal.
  • Candidates for assessments are issued with a Blue VOC card as evidence of their competency.
  • Assessors are issued with the relevant Stationery and Assessment Instruments (all of our assessment instruments are designed from National Competencies).
  • Assessors conduct the assessment in accordance with the Bluetron Assessment System, normally on-site.
  • If the candidate is deemed to be Competent, then a blue carbon copy of the Assessment Report is issue as an interim Verification of
  • Competency Report indicating classes assessed (whilst they are waiting processing of their plastic card).
  • If the Candidate is deemed to be not yet competent, then a pink carbon copy VOC Remedial Action Report is issued indicating the areas needed to be addressed before applying for re-assessment (eg refresher training).
  • Once assessment has been conducted, all of the assessment documentation and Assessor Reports are forwarded within 7 days to this office, where upon a durable plastic Blue VOC card is issued to the candidate.