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Skills Portfolio

A Skills Portfolio is portable and lasting proof of your training and experience.

SKILL1"A blunt pencil remembers better than a sharp mind."

Start organising your work experience now.  Are you tired with having to replace damaged wallets? Can’t remember contact details or where you put your tickets?  Do you need a training log book?  Are you thinking about a career change or moving on?

This Skills Portfolio is the new benchmark for Verification of Competency across all industries.   All of your work experience can now be kept in one handy place, handsome, portable and compact, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go.

Portable and lasting proof of your training.  Use it as a marketing tool to emphasize your skills and experience.  It’s handsome, compact and portable, take it with you for reference:


  • at work
  • at site inductions
  • at job interviews
  • when attending a course
  • when being assessed for competency

With sections that can be expanded (refills available) you can easily scan or photocopy pages for inclusion as evidence at job interviews, training programs or site inductions.  Use it when you have to verify your competency at work or when applying for recognition of prior learning (RPL).


  • Handsome Leather Look A5 folder (keep it in the glovebox of your car)
  • Pockets for licences and evidence of training cards – all your tickets in one place
  • Document sleeve – handy for receipts or copies of assessments
  • Tabbed dividers – for quick and easy reference

Never be caught out when completing forms again!

Next time you’re at a job interview, undergoing training, or a skills assessment, or at a site induction you’ll have all your information in one handy place. High-risk Work Licences have to be renewed every 5 years and when you renew it, you may have to provide evidence of experience – it will be too late trying to chase it up then, so now is the time to start building your evidence.Industry needs it ….. so we developed and produced it for you.

Your Skills Porfolio sections include:

  • Personal Details Section – Keep a record of addresses, employment and contact details so you never get caught out again during those times when filling out forms.
  • Licences and Cards Section – Keep a record for easy reference for all your Licences and evidence of training cards.
  • Assessment Details Section – Every time you complete an assessment, record the details here and have the assessor sign it off as proof.
  • Training Details Section – Details of training you have completed, including Course Title, Location, Duration, Learning Outcomes, training organisation.
  • Site Inductions Section – Keep a record of when you were inducted, Site/Project, Principal Contractor details as proof of your experience.
  • Work Experience Section – Allows you to keep a record of work experience, handy for proof of your experience at job interviews or when applying for RPL or VOC.
  • Trainee Log Book Section – (This Section is Optional) Five Trainee Log Books are included here to be used as a record of training and supervision on up to five courses or periods of supervised training.
  • Notes Section – Handy for keeping record of address, career changes or anything else you may need to keep track of.

SKILL5Set your staff apart from other sub-contractors as professional, organised and highly skilled.  When your staff turn up at a job-site or project and produce all of their skills and training evidence in one handsome organised place, it provides a professional and efficient image of your organisation.

Workplace Health and Safety Legislation requires duty holders to document training and keep records.  Persons conducting high-risk work will also have to demonstrate and verify that they have been trained.  Get your training and experience organised into a Skills Portfolio Now.

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