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Performance & Wellbeing for Employees



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Stress in the workplace is any form of mental, emotional and physical exhaustion caused by pressure at work. When left unhandled; any prolonged period of stress without an appropriate time to recover can cause someone to burnout. It's easy to forget that as humans we need periods of rest, especially when faced with strict deadlines or high-pressure situations.

Any time a member of an organisation experiences burnout, it can cause damage to both the individual and the organisation. Completely eliminating stress is a near impossible task but managing stress effectively and preventing burnouts can greatly improve the wellbeing of your organisation. You may bring stress from your personal life to the workplace that can divert your attention from being productive at work. When personal issues are combined with work related issues, it can create a compounding effect on an individual's stress levels.

Running time: 34 mins

Topics covered:

  • Introduction 
  • Common Causes of Stress 
  • Stress In The Workplace 
  • Stress Management 
  • Common Causes of Burnout 
  • Signs Of Burnout 
  • Recovering From Burnout 
  • Preventing Stress & Burnout 
  • Summary - Quiz