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We're Serious about Forking Safety and you should be too!

SafeWork NSW has commenced a targeted safety strategy aimed at reducing the number of serious injuries and fatalities involving the use of sit down counterbalanced forklifts. The main reasons these incidents happen are:

* Pedestrians being hit by a forklift when working too close, or because of inadequate traffic management or driver error

* Pedestrians being hit by a load when assisting to adjust or steady the load, or because a suitable lifting attachment was not used

* Driver not wearing a seat belt in a tip over - the forklifts mostly tipped because they were turning on uneven or sloping ground

Over 15 months, SafeWork NSW Inspectors will visit over 1000 workplaces to verify compliance with the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 and to talk to businesses about safe forklift use. Watch social media, radio advertising and emails to licence holders and check out the safety information at the SafeWork NSW website: