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Gold Card

Trained Operator Program – Telescopic Handlers

There are certain types of equipment, where their operaton requires a Licence or Certificate of Competency – these classes of work are known as High-risk Work.

gold1A Telescopic Handler commonly known as ‘Telehandler’ is a versatile piece of equipment that has a wide range of applications in industry, and can be fitted with attachments, such as:

  • Forks – for palletised loads
  • Bucket – for shifting dirt/sand/gravel etc
  • Work Platform – for elevating personnel
  • Jib – for use as a crane

Because the Telehandler is such a versatile piece of equipment, there has been a lot of confusion as to what type of licence (if any) is required, for example, a common mis-conception is that a Forklift Licence is required.  If you are unsure, the best way to clarify, is to read the legal definition in your state or territory’s Occupational Health and Safety Legislation, or contact your Regulatory Body.

Currently in Australia, where your state or territory requires it, a licence is required to operate a Telehandler with a capacity greater than 3 tonnes.

The only licences in Australia covering the operation of a Telehandler are:

  • Class WP (Boom Type EWP > 11 metres) if fitted with a work platform and operating from the platform as an Elevating Work Platform greater than 11 metres
  • Class CN (Non-Slewing Mobile Crane) for a non-slewing telehandler above 3 tonne capacity in the ACT, and
  • Class C2, C6, C1, CO (any licences for Slewing Mobile Cranes) for a slewing telehandler above 3 tonne capacity

gold2There are however, types of equipment that fall short of the definition for licensing and these types of equipment can only be operated if the employer can satisfy the WHS requirement for instruction, training and supervision. Telehandlers in the Australian Capital Territory with a capacity of 3 tonnes or less are a good example of this.

Every State in Australia has legislation designed to protect the health, safety and welfare of people at work, this legislation is generally referred to as  Work Health and Safety (WHS).  The legislation places safety duties upon all persons at work.

Employers have a safety duty to provide information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure health and safety of employees at work.

Bluetron is a member of the Telescopic Handler Association of Australia (TSHA) we have a TSHA Accredited Trainer and Assessor on staff.

We can provide you with Verification of Competency (VOC), refresher training and also training and assessment for the TSHA Gold Card. The Gold Card is evidence of structured training and meets the requirements for duty of care training. The TSHA recommended training and assessment fee is $550.00

EWPA Yellow Cards

Bluetron is a member of the Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia (EWPA) and has a EWPA Accredited Trainer on staff.

We can provide you with Verification of Competency (VOC), refresher training and also training and assessment for the EWPA Yellow Card as follows:


  • VL – Vertical Lift
  • SL – Scissor Lift
  • BL – Boom Lift
  • TL – Trailer Lift
  • TM -Truck Mounted
  • T – Transporting (This program is for drivers who transport EWPs)

The EWPA has a recommended training fee of $490.00 for the EWPA Yellow Card.